Entrant 2013

Room 8


Cyto is an iPad puzzle game which will immerse you into microscopic world full of fun and challenge. You'll enjoy the innovative game mechanics that has no analogues. Beautiful visual style and stunning original soundtrack by David Ari Leon will take you away on a breathtaking journey.

The main character "Cyto" is a tiny organism inside jelly-like envelope. Your aim is to help him to find out who he is and why he is in this world. Collect all of the lost memories on his way to unlock the mystery about his past.

You can stretch the envelope with your finger and guide Cyto through various levels, that swarm with nasty viruses and lead him to the dangerous truth. Watch the envelope changing its color and qualities when interacting with some objects. Green color shows that you can stretch it out further than before. When it's Blue you can shoot Cyto in any direction you like. Fasten the character to two cell connectors, use the envelope like a slingshot for a more powerful jump. You'll need all these abilities to overcome the challenges on Cyto's way.