Student Entrant 2015

University of Southern California
The Pillowettes


THE PILLOWETTES present... D-BUG! A touch-based puzzle platformer with the finest virtual controls around! And a gripping storyline, to boot, about a transforming handheld system named Button! How ya doin', Button?

BUTTON: Alright, except for these bugs.

Oh, yes, the bugs! Poor Button is infested with bugs! See, you've got to - Drumroll, please... - DEBUG him!

BUTTON: *cough cough* I'm fine, really. *cough*

No, he's not - the bugs have stolen his Heart Chip! You've got to get it back! Quickly, before he --

BUTTON: Enough with the drama! I'm not helpless, you know...

That's true - Button can hack into these bugs! He can transform his interface to control them, too. But he needs you to press the buttons. Master each bug's controls! Hack into other bugs! Crawl, jump, fly! Puzzle your way through Button's rotting circuits! Debug his insides -

BUTTON: Blah, blah, blah! Just come and press my buttons!

Yes, press his beautiful virtual buttons, perfectly designed for your hands!

BUTTON: You know you want to ;)