The Darwin Project

Entrant 2018

Scavengers Studio


The Darwin Project takes place in a pre-apocalyptic landscape in the Northern Canadian Rockies. To prepare for an impending Ice Age, a half science experiment, half live-entertainment death sport is launched. It's called The Darwin Project and it challenges inmates to survive the cold and fight in a treacherous snow-covered forest arena.

The game offers a competitive multiplayer third person survival experience featuring at its core a new gameplay innovation: the manhunt. In his or her path to victory, each player must survive extreme environmental conditions, track opponents, and set traps to win. The eight players try to outsmart each other using crafting, tracking, hunting, cunning, and other survival skills, and can even negotiate temporary alliances to come out on top.

With The Darwin Project, our team is re-imagining the Battle Royale survival sub-genre, adding elements of a reality show including a 'Show Director.' This new type of player character controls the arena, interacts with spectators, and helps or punishes the combatants. This creates a whole new level of engagement for fans and strategy for players.