DeltaBlade 2700

Student Entrant 2020

DigiPen Institute of Technology
DigiPen Institute of Technology Team Handshake Firm


Fight as a Rogue Cyberpunk Ninja-Robot in DeltaBlade 2700: an Action-Packed, High-Energy, Competitive Local Multiplayer Brawler with Explosive, Fast-Paced Sword Combat... and Jetpacks.

Outsmart your opponent - Combat flows seamlessly between ranged and close-quarters, on the ground and in the air. Regular attack with a sword slash, use shurikens without your sword, deflect swords and destroy shurikens being thrown your way with a slash of your sword. If you're feeling confident, throw your sword or plunge your sword downward through the air overhead for an instant kill.

Think on your feet, react quickly, fight cleverly: take advantage of every moment to turn the tide. Be the last assassin standing.