Dimension Breaker

Entrant 2016

Semblance AR


Scientists have speculated for decades that an infinite number of alternate dimensions exist around us, beneath the surface of what we call reality... What wonders exist in these mysterious unknown worlds? Dimension Breaker lets you break though the barrier we call reality to explore the unknown space of alternate dimensions. Using a paddle and space spheres, you can launch the spheres deeper and deeper into alternate realities. As you bore deeper into the dimension, the journey becomes filled with great danger and incredible rewards. You can use the rewards earned in gameplay to modify your equipment.

In future versions of Dimension Breaker, there will be three individual game modes: solo, location-based, and player versus player (PvP). In location-based mode, gameplay will be linked to where it takes place in reality . Dimensional cracks created by players will persist at the locations of their play. When these locations are revisited, players will continue play from what other players have left off. In PvP mode, players will be competing against each other in real time through a dimension connecting them.