To Hell With the Ugly

Entrant 2023

La Poule Noire / ARTE France


In To Hell With the Ugly, you play as Rock Bailey, a blond and strikingly handsome young man who systematically refuses all advances made to him. And for good reason : he stubbornly saves himself until the day he turns 20. One night, however, everything changes when he is drugged and kidnapped outside the Zooty Slammer jazz club and wakes up in a strange hospital. Why would anyone want to abduct Rocky? Can you track down his kidnappers? Help Rocky get to the bottom of his kidnapping, and find out who is behind this horrible scheme. Investigate Los Angeles in the 50s Adapted from the novel of the same name by Boris Vian, To Hell With the Ugly is a turn-based combat and point & click adventure game set in a film noir atmosphere. Unravel the mystery surrounding your kidnapping by exploring some of LA's most secret corners. Gather clues by interviewing locals, and interact with your environment to find the truth. But some information won't be delivered so easily. Use your fists to persuade the most stubborn to help you in your quest.