Mind Diver

Student Entrant 2023

The National Film School of Denmark
Indoor Sunglasses


When her boyfriend disappears at a sinister party she can't remember, Lina Kukanová agrees to a procedure that will resurface her suppressed memories. You are the operator: a Mind Diver. Swim through Lina's mind as if it was an ocean, and use Mind Diving tools and logical deduction to solve a dark mystery of love, death, betrayal, and self-delusion.

Mind Diver is a first-person detective game. Its unique investigation and deduction structure is developed in consultation with world-leaders in puzzle design, like Lucas Pope, creator of Return of the Obra Dinn. You will come across unexpected discoveries, explore a fascinating mind world, and make surprising deductions.

In Mind Diver, the story is the puzzle. Only by understanding the story can you progress.

The style creates an authentic experience, packed with expressive 3D-scan style to study and explore. Paying close attention to detail helps you solve puzzles and brings you closer to the characters of the game.