Entrant 2023



Naiad is a relaxing, minimalist and colorful exploration adventure in which you play flowing through a mysterious river. Interact with the fauna and flora to discover little secrets and reach the sea. A very personal game with a unique visual style created entirely by a one-person indie game studio.

A wholesome experience: Take a refreshing and serene swim where you can explore a peaceful river at your own pace. Embark on an emotional journey of growth to reach the sea. Play with friendly and adorable animals and make flowers sprout as you sing.

A unique and immersive art style: Beautiful visuals and sound design helps you feel like you're diving underwater and flowing among floating leaves and flowers. In each zone you will discover new animals and little secrets, with different atmosphere and music as the day progresses.

Be the guardian of the river: Join little Naiad on an adventure to protect nature from certain humans who try to take advantage of the river and pollute it. Will you be able to guide and help the animals find their way?