We Are OFK

Entrant 2023

Team OFK


Indie pop virtual band + interactive narrative series - We Are OFK is an experiment in crossing industry borders - a virtual band signed to a major record label; written, produced and performed by pop musicians; a visual workflow built from the LA animation industry, and a game design that set out to be a TV/game hybrid that would truly be accessible for anyone who fell in love with OFK's music - all run independently with no publisher, and owned by a diverse team whose backgrounds gel with the protagonists' families, careers, and queerness that they ask the audience to connect with. A story of four friends and a hologram cat, just trying to make something small from the heart, and get it out into the world.

The Los Angeles indie pop group debuted their first single Follow/Unfollow onstage at The Game Awards in 2020. In August 2022 they premiered We Are OFK - a video game biopic & playable E.P. - on Nintendo, PlayStation, and PC. A collaboration led by director & vocalist Teddy Dief (Hyper Light Drifter) with visual artists Nafisah Tung & Jenny Yu (Carmen Sandiego), screenwriter Claire Jia (Fresh Off the Boat, Nora from Queens), songwriters Luna Shadows & Thomas Powers (The Naked and Famous), developers Jarryd Huntley (Art Club Challenge) & Adriel Wallick (Among Us), animator Taylor Reynolds, manager Mikayla Foote, composer Omniboi, sound designer Akash Thakkar and more.

A virtual indie band and creative team - not stars, just artists trying to get by.