30 Birds

Entrant 2024


In *30 Birds*, you play as Zig, a seemingly young girl, and mysterious detective. Explore the seamless blend of 2D and 3D in this mesmerizing narrative adventure, inspired by Persian miniatures. Wander through the lanterns and help Zig find the thirty talking birds to get Simurgh back! But beware, you might come across curious characters and colorful challenges on your way...

A long time ago, Simurgh pinned five gigantic lanterns onto the night sky, before painting the whole city on their sides. But now she's been asleep for years, while the Lanterns people need her...

Discover a gorgeous universe laid out on the surface of rotating lanterns. Wander on an open-world inspired by Persian miniatures, meet the local goofs, quirky Jinns and regular weirdos, solve puzzles and various challenges to help Zig rescue Simurgh, the missing bird Goddess!