Broken Spectre

Entrant 2024

Games by Stitch


25 years ago your father climbed the mountain and never came back. Now he's calling for you.

Broken Spectre is a cosmic horror narrative game developed in collaboration with one of the makers of The Blair Witch Project. A cryptic message left by her father takes Casey back to the abandoned trails of Coldblood Mountain, a remote wilderness that has haunted her family for generations. A terrifying power stalks the mountain, watching Casey's every move. Can Casey find her father using the clues he left behind? Or will something else find her first?

Horror You Can Touch
Broken Spectre takes advantage of the Quest immersive hand-tracking controls, bringing unparalleled realism to the game's gruesome body horror elements.

Unique Cosmic Horror Narrative
Produced by the creators of The Blair Witch Project – a landmark of the found-footage horror genre - Broken Spectre is an original cosmic horror experience inspired by the works of John Carpenter and H.P. Lovecraft.

Distinctive Art Style
Experience the horrors of Coldblood Mountain with a unique, macabre visual style that brings the remote wilderness to life in all its unearthly glory.