En Garde!

Entrant 2024

Fireplace Games


En Garde! is a swashbuckler action game! Battle graceless guards and nefarious noblemen in fast-paced fights full of spectacle. Use the environment, your wit and your blade to teach them all a lesson! Play as legendary hero Adalia de Volador in her daring escapades full of sword-fighting, satire and shenanigans. Fight with style to fill your Panache Meter and unleash special skills!

Challenging, ever-changing fights push you to rely on your cunning and acrobatics to disrupt your enemies. Surprise, stun, or evade enemies with a variety of objects - from rolling barrels to falling chandeliers. Beautifully painted locations, flamboyant characters, and an astounding amount of battle banter will transport you to the golden age of swashbuckling comedy!