Heart of the abyss

Student Entrant 2024

ESMA - Montpellier, France
- Game programming : Brieux CAQUELIN - 3D Animation / VFX / Cinematics : Alexis HENG - 3D Animation / Concept art / 2D : Jonas CHAMPOIRAL - Chara modeling / 3D modeling : Anaïs BISCARAS - 3D Modeling / Texturing : Corentin HABIB - VFX : Mickaël FLAESCH


In Heart of the Abyss, you play as the Sea watcher, who has been awakened following the emergence of a mysterious and dangerous force that corrupts the depths. Your role will be to find a way to halt its progression as it possesses creatures and turns them into monstrous beings. It is a top-down hack and slash inspired by Souls-like games, where you will rely on determination to overcome the boss standing in your way.