A Highland Song

Entrant 2024


Moira McKinnon is running away to sea. But to get there she must cross the Highlands—a cruel wilderness of paths, peaks, shortcuts and dangers, rendered in a 2.5D hand-animated, impressionistic style.

Every peak has a story to tell and every valley echoes with song. Giants sleep, ghosts sing, crows carry messages, and eagles lift the dead. The hills are full of secrets and stories, but what you find will depend on where you go. The narrative is not branching but weaving; a handcrafted mesh of history, mythology and family secrets. Which path will you take? No two games will be the same.

Featuring a killer soundtrack by Heaven's Vault composer Laurence Chapman and two multi-award-winning giants of the Scottish folk scene, TALISK and Fourth Moon. Royalty of the festival circuit, these two bands combine virtuosic instrumental playing with fast, inventive rhythms, to produce new tunes in traditional styles played with beauty, energy and swagger.

A Highland Song is the latest narrative adventure game from inkle, creators of 80 Days, Heaven's Vault, and last year's surprise hit Overboard!