Let's! Revolution!

Entrant 2024



Let's! Revolution! is a colorful roguelite puzzle mashup that blends the rules of Minesweeper with procedurally generated mazes. Embark on a perilous game of hide and seek as you flip tiles to uncover the path to your goals. Chase down a cowardly King through the realms of Beebom while facing off against a host of enemies in strategic turn-based combat. Gear up along the way with powerful items and abilities for a final showdown with the King in Beebom City. The beautifully illustrated world of the game is drawn from familiar fantasy tropes but reimagined for contemporary audiences with satirical nods to life in 2023.

The game features six classes with unique traits and distinct optimal strategies. The board-game inspired gameplay offers depth for experienced players but is also accessible for those new to the genre. Fans of Minesweeper will especially enjoy the logic-based puzzles that combine familiar rules with novel elements for additional layers of strategy and problem-solving.