Magic Inn

Entrant 2024

Purpledoor Studios


Step into the role of an Innkeeper with magic powers in this captivating fusion of deck-building and Inn simulation! Master innovative card game mechanics to endear your guests in conversation, use your spells to help you run your inn, and serve delightful meals. In the conversation system, craft and customize your cards to master the art of conversation. Employ strategic tactics to please and win the trust of customers in thrilling turn-based card encounters.

Moreover, you can unleash wizardry upon everyday tasks. Send plates soaring directly to customers' tables, manipulate time with the Time Bubble spell to expedite cooking, or ignite dazzling Fireworks to keep patrons entertained.

Embark on an extraordinary journey as a wizard Innkeeper, where magical encounters, strategic card battles, and captivating relationships await. Prepare to immerse yourself in a realm where the arcane arts meet the art of hospitality, and unlock the secrets that lie within this magic world!