Nope Challenge

Entrant 2024

Happy Manic LLC


Step into the immersive world of NOPE CHALLENGE, where confronting your deepest phobias becomes a thrilling test of courage. From the eerie laughter of clowns to the spine-chilling crawl of spiders and the dizzying fear of heights, players will be thrust into a series of intense, phobia-centric scenarios designed to push boundaries and test limits. But NOPE CHALLENGE isn't just about confronting fears—it offers an innovative way out. At any point of overwhelming intensity, players can tap into the game's unique feature: the NOPE button. With just a press, they're transported to the calming "Breather Space", offering a brief respite from the adrenaline-pumping challenges. Once players have a chance to catch their breath and bring their heart rates back down they can then head right back into the challenges.

This duality, between confronting intense fears and having the power to retreat to a place of serenity, makes NOPE CHALLENGE a standout. Dive into this one-of-a-kind VR experience, and find out how far you're willing to push yourself before saying... NOPE!