Noun Town: VR Language Learning

Entrant 2024

Noun Town


In Noun Town: VR Language Learning you learn through playing in a world full of exciting mini-games and interactive lessons. It includes 1,000+ words and phrases across seven languages, and with 16 characters that you can interact with, all using speech recognition.

Players start in a dull, grey, lifeless world that regains life and colour as the player progresses. This serves as an incentive and motivation for players to progress, as well as a metaphor for the language learning journey.

The game combines the immersive properties of VR with the latest in scientific research. The founder's PhD studies have directly influenced the learning techniques included in the game.

Noun Town has been supported throughout its development by a passionate community that now stretches to c.10,000 on Discord. It recently won the "Best Overall Game" award at 2023 Develop:Brighton conference indie showcase, is currently nominated for two prestigious TIGA awards ("Best Creativity in Games" and "Best VR/AR/XR/MR Game"), and was featured in the 2023 Games For Change festival in New York.