RAM: Random Access Mayhem

Student Entrant 2024

University of Victoria
Xylem Studios


RAM is a classic top-down roguelike shooter in the vein of Nuclear Throne, but with a redefining twist. As a bodiless AI programmed for violence, you must play as the same enemies you fight against- weaving a path of indiscriminate (and ideally stylish) carnage through hordes of very quirky robots until your mysterious objective is reached. Switch control at a moment's notice between eight unique enemy types, each with a distinct moveset and playstyle, and their own aresenal of upgrades to unlock. In addition to a shooter, RAM is a frenetic real-time puzzle of planning who your next host will be, how to dispose of your current body once you are forced to abandon it, and which enemies would be best turned against which others to clear each room as efficiently as possible.
In RAM, no host body lasts for long. Continually swap control to new enemies to cheat death.
Swap too freely, though, and you'll drain your energy. To keep swapping, you must keep killing.
Racking up points isn't just for fun: your score is in-run currency. Execute trickshots and kill with style to unlock a diverse array of upgrades that enhance and modify how each hosts functions, then pit your accumulated strength against dangerous bosses with unique swap-related mechanics of their own.