Student Entrant 2024

University of Southern California (USC)
the Rejects


Try Again is a 2.5d, fast-paced, platformer about a video game temp character named Benny who has long been trapped in an unfinished game by a mysterious, self-doubting figure called The Designer.

The Designer is under a fast-approaching deadline from her publisher, and under pressure to deliver a hit game, she's questioning her work more than ever. The Designer needs Benny to stay put as a test character so she can finish her game, but Benny has bigger dreams. He wants to escape the test facility, become the main character and move onto the final build. Help Benny achieve his goal. Get him out of The Designer's brutalist, grey-box facility once and for all.

This game is Crash Bandicoot meets The Stanley Parable. It's a challenging, satirical, badass game that unifies level and narrative design, connecting player to protagonist in a way previously unexplored in action games.

Try Again was developed by Game Design/Computer Science graduate and undergraduate students at the USC Games program in Los Angeles, California.