Eternal Threads

Entrant 2021

Cosmonaut Studios


Eternal Threads is a story-driven puzzle game set in the North of England in 2015, where six people have died in a house fire - which they all should have survived. Early experiments with time travel in the distant future have created corruption throughout the timestream. You play as Agent 43, a rookie time operative working for the newly formed Second Chance Project, whose mission is to restore the multiple defects within the timestream.

Corruption has been detected throughout the week preceding their deaths and prohibited from simply stopping the fire, the player must instead manipulate the choices made by the housemates so that they all can survive. From the outset, the player has free and complete reign to explore the seven day timeline before the fire. They can watch and alter the significant events from the entire week as many times as they like and in whatever order they wish.

Changing many of the housemates decisions will cause the timeline to instantly recalibrate. Branches in time will open and close, causing some events to vanish and others to appear, allowing the player to investigate further. The housemates can be saved from the fire in multiple ways, with each outcome having a profound effect on their lives in the future. Will you just search for the quickest and easiest solution, or can you find the best possible outcome for everyone?​

Ultimately, everything is about choices and consequences.