Entrant 2015

Drawn by Clouds - Matt Anderson


Features: Long ago, humans abandoned their bodies -- everything is digital. On the server Autumn Network, humans forged a world built on vibrant cultural mash-ups and pure imagination, but that world has been eaten and eroded for an era by Glitch. It is where you will instantiate, and it is where you will be deleted. Thank you for the memory. -Garbage Collection • Dozens of characters (Subroutines) to find and do battle with, each with their own unique combo-able abilities and animations. • Utilize hacks (passive skills) from a diverse pool that tweak and modify your Subroutines' skills or expand your narrative options. • Hundreds of items all illustrated. Equip your character with branded clothes to get style bonuses, and put patches on your Subroutines to enhance their skills. • Dive into areas twisted by the mysterious Glitch as you restore and repopulate a corrupted universe. • Sweet science fiction narrative set in a culturally rich, fully digital world. • Engaging narrative decisions to be made at every turn. • Fully server operated for dynamic content updates and coming PvP / trading action.