Fieldrunners 2

Entrant 2013

Subatomic Studios LLC


Get ready to defend the world: Fieldrunners 2 has arrived! The fieldrunners are back and more mischievous than ever in Subatomic Studios' follow up to their original tower defense classic, Fieldrunners, winner of the Best Game and Achievement in Art awards in the 2009 IGF Mobile. Build winding mazes out of deviously charming weapons to defend the world from the invading clone army of fieldrunners!

Subatomic Studios is aiming to raise the bar for tower defense with Fieldrunners 2, starting with an all new engine that was years in the making. New enemy AI allows every single fieldrunner to choose their own path across the battlefield. Drag towers through the swarms of troops to watch them dynamically change their routes in real time, wrapping around defenses just like a realistic mob of angry clones! Bridges, tunnels, ramps, and trenches add depth to the war zone, challenging players to use these obstacles to their advantage. New modes, like Puzzle and Sudden Death, put a unique twist on the genre. Creative weapons, like flame-throwing Jack O'Lanterns and beehive launchers, allow players to assault their foes in disturbingly hilarious ways. With all this and more wrapped up in a hyper detailed 2D world filled with gorgeous, hand painted artwork, players are in for a real treat. Strategic-Action-Puzzle-Defense has never been this fun and addicting!