Futurable 1 - Summer City (alpha)

Entrant 2017

AIBrain Inc.


Futurable 1 – Summer City is an in-development single-player mobile game for Android devices by a small startup, AIBrain Inc. Futurable uses highly advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence), that lets the player partake in a dynamic, unpredictable, non-scripted life-simulation / future-simulation in a city populated by fully autonomous AI NPC-s (Non-Player Characters). The goal of the player, as well as of each NPC is to survive and prosper by sharply managing resources in the ever changing, dynamic environment (such as health, strength, hunger, money, exhaustion, etc.). For this one needs to work, study, and improve physical, cognitive and social skills in the game. The core AI technology uses AI planning and Deep Neural Networks (DNN-s) similar to Google's AlphaGo. The game is going to be scaled to thousands of characters on cellphones on release, and later to millions of characters on desktop PC-s. Also we are planning to add massive multiplayer support after the initial release of the game in December, 2016.