Fuzz Dungeon

Entrant 2022


Play as a rat dog witch who escapes her job through a hidden vault and enters the Fuzz Dungeon - a space in between thought and reality, where ideas ruminate in limbo before turning into real life consequences. By entering different buildings throughout the dungeon you take on many different forms from 8-bit style to hand drawn to a 3d satellite bird that shoots down floating space heads. Travel through an absurdist version of human history as you try and find a sasquatch sex amulet that will, for some reason, enable you to visit the suburbs of the Fuzz Dungeon where you can defeat a sasquatch statue and abolish bad ideas forever.

-15 unique levels, each with a different game play.
-Unique musical score by Chris Parrello and Lobby Hotel
-Full controller support
-Around 90 minutes to complete but each level has a ranking system where you can return to complete challenges and achievements.