Gaijin Charenji 1 : Kiss or Kill

Entrant 2020

overGame Studio


GAIJIN CHARENGI 1 : Kiss Or Kill is a Punk Narrative Shoot-Them-Up.
You can kill ( exterminate, destroy) your enemies, or just kiss them to make a loving world.
It's a narrative solo game. The story is between you and the Game developer. The end of the game depends on your karma.

The game tells the story of a game wich was started in 1998 by Yoshiro Takahashi and his team for the SEGA dreamcast.
When Sega decided to stop the dreamcast, the game was aborted.
In 2017, Yosuke Takahashi (Yoshiro's son) decided to finish his father's game. With 'overgame studio' support the game is now finished. Please enjoy 'Gaijin Charenji : kiss or kill'