Globesweeper: Hex Puzzler

Entrant 2020

Incandescent Games


Globesweeper: Hex Puzzler takes the spherical minesweeper concept from Globesweeper and twists it into a whole new logic puzzle.

The first thing you will notice is the globes are not solid, there are gaps everywhere. This instantly creates new patterns to learn, that you need to solve the puzzles.

In Hex Puzzler there are also eight new mechanics to learn. For example, Cluster tiles where the number on the tile indicates how many reactive tiles are connected to it, Area tiles which indicate the number of reactive tiles in the surrounding area (not just adjacent to the tile itself) or Group tiles which indicate how many separate groups of tiles there are.

The mechanics become more complex as you progress through the game, particularly when they are combined together to make challenging logic puzzles.

All levels are solvable; you never have to guess!

With 92 levels to complete, there is so much fun to be had!