Guardian of the Gears

Student Entrant 2018

DigiPen Institute of Technology
DigiPen Team Studio 76


Guardian of the Gears is a 3D, puzzle adventure game where you navigate and control an interactive environment in order to breathe life back into a decaying world. There are two main design pillars: puzzle challenges navigated by using the moving environment, and world exploration that leads to discovery. At the highest level, the player must make their way throughout the levels by solving these puzzles, eventually reaching the final boss. Ancient Clockworks keep the world moving, without them there is no life. The Disruptor coveted the Clockworks' power and will do anything to obtain it. If the Clockworks are stripped of their energy, the world will decay. The ancient Guardians were tasked with the protection of the Clockworks. The Disruptor can only be defeated by being sent back through portal from which it came.