Horde: Zombie Outbreak

Entrant 2019

Madowl Games


Ever wanted to control a bloodthirsty horde of zombies and wreak havoc on cities around
the world? Well now you can! In Horde: Zombie Outbreak the player assumes the role of the
zombies and must overthrow the world by infecting the humans! Each person you infect will
become part of your horde. As your horde grows stronger so to does the human resistance,
the player must use abilities that are linked to certain zombie types to help them fight
through the police, swat and army!

Your infecting journey will start small, but quicker than you can say "brains!" your horde
will be a terrifying un-dead force! Most humans will flee, some will fight and some will even
ram their cars through your precious zombies! Almost everything can be destroyed, smash
peoples homes, total their vehicles and rip apart their favourite hot spots from the inside out.