Infectonator : Survivors

Entrant 2016

Toge Productions


Imagine Left 4 Dead, Syndicate, Cannon Fodder, and Faster Than Light merged into one, that is Infectonator : Survivors!

At its core Infectonator: Survivors is a randomly generated squad-based survival simulation game. The game combines Real Time Strategy, Tower Defense, Roguelike, and Management-Simulation into one solid gameplay.

Your goal in this game is to lead your group of survivors to safety. You must do everything you can to survive, such as : scavenge resources, build defenses, raid buildings, and much more. Every decision you make in this game matters because death is permanent and every play is randomly generated.

Key Features
• Awesome pixel art graphics.
• Randomly generated world every time you play.
• Permanent Death. Each survivor matters, every decision counts.
• Addictive roguelike combined with action packed real time strategy elements.
• Deep and engaging management simulation gameplay.