Isle of Ewe

Student Entrant 2020

No Ewe Productions


Isle of Ewe is a puzzle-platformer set in an expansive mystical world, where you, a young shepherd, must embark on a journey to recover your missing flock, scattered throughout the land, although this time they've wandered further than usual.

Explore magical landscapes, uncover hidden underground caverns and conquer the 3 Shepherd Trials to acquire secret abilities to aid you along your quest.

There are 3 main rules when it comes to utilizing your sheep.
1. They are bouncy! Use them to reach greater heights.
2. They are extremely aerodynamic. Throw them great distances to destroy obstacle from afar.
3. Stack them on your head as high as the clouds! How else are you supposed to transport them?

Your Baary needs you back before dark, so you best get going!