Jolly Battle: Sugar Mess

Entrant 2022

JollyCo LLC


Are you up for a new sweet challenge?

Grab the Sundae Cannon and defend the Cake Palace from Num Nums and the Moon! Dive in the sea of laughs and enjoy the sweet plot twists!

Become a special guest at Princess Fidget's wingding birthday party, meet the Royal family, learn the secret booster recipes, and defend the Cake Palace!

The only way to stop the invasion of Num Nums and the Moon is to feed them as much ice cream as they can eat. There's a surprise waiting for you at the end of the adventure: time travel!

The game features:
• an amazing story,
• funny characters,
• weapons of enhanced sweetness,
• hilarious Num Num enemies,
• secret colorful boosters.
The family game Jolly Battle: Sugar Mess is great entertainment for kids and a challenge for grown-ups!

Remember: laughing makes you lose calories! Join the fun!