Macbeth's Fate

Entrant 2020

Josefine Maier


"Macbeth's Fate" is an experiment if and how games can work as an adaptation of literature, that does not simply tell the story arc, but focus on the things between the lines instead. In this case I deal with Shakespeare's play "Macbeth".

For those, who are not familiar with the play, here is a short summary:
In the play, the Scottish nobleman Macbeth returns from a won war in which he has fought for the King (Duncan). On his way back home, he meets three mysterious women, that foretell him to become King himself. Because of this prophecy (and the pressing force of his wife Lady Macbeth), he murders Duncan to fasten the process and is crowned King in return. The murdering goes on as he needs to get rid of all witnesses. In the end, he is killed in a fair fight and the righteous successor is crowned. So, hearing a promising prophecy of becoming king became actually Macbeth's doom.

"Macbeth's Fate" is an experimental, atmospheric and endless 2D – sidescroller that focuses on the illustration of the prophecy of the three witches and mediates the experience of how hard it is to resist temptation.

In terms of game design, this means, the player input is very restricted. They can either walk right, left (until a certain border) and idle. During their walk, they will be followed by the witches constantly, like a shadow or thought that won't leave your mind - endlessly. It is like Macbeth (the player) is trapped in a vicious cycle of temptation.