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Monarchy is turn based digital board game best played between 4 but can also be played as a one on one match or as a battle of 3.
In Monarchy you start from one of the base tiles with 4 Knights and 25 Soldiers. Soldiers are crucial for planning – use them to device strategies, make bridges for Knights, block your opponents and plan contingencies, do anything to reach your knights home first.If you feel your chances of winning are daunting, hold on; Monarchy is not over till the end, be patient, collect cards, play them wisely, they can turn the tables around.

From fierce battles to portals to power up cards, Monarchy is a board game with the thrill of a MOBA (Multiplayer Online battle Arena).

Take a break from running, sit back with friends on a game of Monarchy; it will bring out the master planner in you, with a new possibility every time you play it.