Moolii's Dreamland

Entrant 2022



Moolii's Dreamland is a horizontal version of the flight shooting game. Players play the fox spirit "Moolii", destroy the enemy in their nightmares, clear the stages and fight the boss, and finally break through difficulties and escape from nightmares!

In the process of clearing stages, players can not only upgrade various weapons and skills, but also switch by themselves in battle, and break out anger to make themselves enter a "super state". With the Sunday punch, no enemy is your opponent!

The game screen is adorable, each monster is a fantasy form of real animals, which is amusing. Remember to summon ferret, the right-hand man, to help you deal with difficult enemies. The primary purpose is to avoid difficulties and obstacles along the way. There are not many opportunities and you are supposed to pay close attention to it, which tests the subtle operation of players.

Don't forget to switch weapons and skills to charge and shatter enemy positions. There are big bosses at every stage. Defeat them, spend the night with difficulties and obstacles, and finally win and wake up from nightmares! During the period, there will be various opponents to challenge you. You must defeat them first, otherwise they will make trouble when you clear the stages~