Nova Island

Entrant 2022

Thirteen Games


On Nova Island, experience 1v1 card battles like you never have before!

No matter what you're looking for, Nova Island has the gameplay experience for you! Take on one of many single player challenges or jump right into a competitive PvP mode and climb the leaderboards. Nova Island is FREE TO PLAY and FREE TO WIN!

Battle for territory on the most uniquely energetic game board imaginable! Collect Floral, Energy, Moxie, and Boom cards; then mix & match to create your own personalized decks. Play cards to gain strength, deal damage, or disrupt your opponent in a way they'll never see coming. Choose from a variety of Pros to strategically take advantage of the overwhelming Superpowers they bring to battle.

There's no time to waste in pursuit of the most precious resource ever known...NOVAS. Become a Nova Researcher – download and play today!