Student Entrant 2016

ESNE (Camilo Jose Cela University)
Gammera Nest


Nubla proposes an adventure that begins in the halls of the Thyssen museum, where we find a character, only inhabitant of an imaginary universe that exists inside the pictures.

Following him, we begin a journey that will take us to discover the wonderful world of Nubla, full of puzzles and forgotten places. Who has not dreamed of plunging into one of the paintings hanging on the wall of a museum and venture into an unknown world?

Throughout this first chapter of Nubla the underlying theme of our game is the construction of identity, something that we will discover from conceptualizing inspired by the art, many challenges in the form of puzzles that we face, discovering the forgotten world of Nubla.

Nubla, is besides a game, an interesting educational project that puts in dialogue the art, technology and new narratives. It generates, in certain ways, a reinterpretation and creatively vision of the works of the museum. Backgrounds, characters and game mechanics are inspired by works and artistic styles, bringing the world of art in a playful and fun way.

This game has been developed by students in the second and third grades of Videogames Design Degree of Camilo Jose Cela Univesity in Madrid, Spain. They have been tutored by teachers of the same center. Both of them working hand-to-hand with Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum.