Entrant 2022


JULY, 1935. A MURDER HAS BEEN COMMITTED aboard the SS Hook, eight hours out from New York.

Only one problem: you did it.

You play as fading starlet Veronica Villensey, who has pushed her husband overboard. Now you have less than a day to cover up the evidence, deal with the witnesses, and put someone else in the frame for the crime... or you'll be starting your new life in America in jail.

Blackmail a spy. Fall in love. Murder a rival. Cheat at cards. Drug a witness. Lie, befriend, betray, console, sneak, seduce, steal, borrow, pray, eavesdrop, kill... There are clues, evidence, suspects, accusations, secrets and lies.

You'll need all your cunning, coercion and charisma to ensure that someone else takes the fall in this highly replayable dynamic clockwork narrative game where every action has a consequence and every character is paying attention.

From the creators of 80 Days and Heaven's Vault.

Can you get away with murder?