Package Man

Entrant 2019



Package Man is the Physics based Parcel Slinging spiritual successor to Paper Boy.
The demo has been downloaded over 6,000 times on and has gained millions of views on channels such as Jacksepticeye and Draegast!
You have a limited time to fill your Van with packages, and your shift ends once the Van has reached the end of the Road.

You have 5 days of work, from Monday - Friday.

Each day is on a random map, at different times of day.

This is a Highscore based game, the better you perform the higher your score, the higher up you are on the leaderboard.

Prove your capabilities by smashing as many doors, windows and garages as you can.

Make sure to be a good employee or you will lose precious points which will reflect on your score!
We are coming to kickstarter on 20th October and will be running for 24 days (age in years of Amazon) trying to raise £10,000 to allow us to finish Package Man at its full potential.
We will release a new demo which will have updated Music, models as well as new modes including a small preview to story mode which will see you building up your own start-up delivery company from the letters up at the launch of kickstarter which backers can gain access to!
Planned Modes on release if kickstarter successfully funds:
- Arcade Mode (which you can play now)
- Story mode (with progression, levelling and customization)

- Co-op: 1 driver and 1 deliverer
- Versus: automatic driving, 2 vehicles, everybody delivers
We have many more plans for Package Man but we are constantly receiving brilliant ideas from our discord community (links below)!
The links
Current free demo:
First weekly Devlog:
JacksepticEye's Video:
Draegast's video:

Press Kit:

If you are interested in interviewing the developer or have reviewed the game and would like to share it with us do send an email to packageman(at)yahoo(dot)com!