Pangolin's Puzzle

Entrant 2019

Hero Factor Games


Pangolin's Puzzle tells the story of a young pangolin as she embarks on an unexpected adventure and a daring rescue, learning her place in the world. Experience the plight of the pangolin and help overcome challenges by using reasoning and critical thinking skills to solve brain-teasing logic grid puzzles. Painterly, colorful artwork and an original, immersive soundtrack set the scenes for the landscapes of the African wilderness and dream-like realm of imagination where Pangolin's Puzzle takes place. Players have the option of learning more trivia about this little-known, critically endangered animal and even contributing to its cause through gameplay.

Pangolin's Puzzle is a family friendly game that takes a fresh approach to the classic logic grid puzzle, or Einstein puzzle. An Einstein puzzle involves reading a set of clues, then moving pieces around the grid to reach the solution. The gameplay hones players' deduction, and reasoning, and critical reading and thinking skills as well as a keen attention to detail through its challenging logic puzzles.

Pangolin's Puzzle is a game meant to raise awareness for pangolins by putting them in the spotlight and letting players learn more about them through gameplay. Though fictional, the game's story demonstrates the struggle real pangolins face for survival in the world. When players complete puzzles, they unlock extra content where they can view even more information about pangolins and the conservation efforts in place to save them.