Plutobi: The Dwarf Planet Tales

Entrant 2017

XINESS Co., Ltd.


Plutobi is 2D based free scroll action game that is inspired from IAU's discussion of Pluto having been classified from Major Planet to Dwarf Planet.
This game is action game with some kind of rhythm game features ; you must match Plutobi's element to Asteroid's element in time to absorb the asteroid and get higher mass level.

Pluto had been reclassified from a planet to a dwarf planet because its power is weak.
He got this news and mad at the reclassification.
So, he decided to prove himself big and powerful by defeating the other planets of Solar system.
To get more power, absorb the asteroids and defeat the planets and moons.

Gameplay features :
-Absorb the asteroids and get bigger and crash the 60 planets, moons and mega astreroids of solar system
-Movement Control: Player controls the indicator directly and Plutobi follows the indicator. And Indicator can grab the astreroid for defense.
-Dodge the asteroids or absorb them: There are many asteroids wandering in space and player should dodge them not to get damaged or absorb them to increase Plutobi's mass.
-Match the element and absorb the asteroids
Plutobi and asteroids have 4 elements type ; Water, Fire, Metal, Soil
Plutobi can bump and absorb the asteroid and get mass if its element is the same with asteroid's element.
When Plutobi bumps the asteroid with not same element or win element, then Plutobi gets damaged and HP is decreased.
- Clear the 9 stages (Mercury, Mars, Venus, Earth, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Sun )
Each stage has 7 sub-stages with various environment gimmicks.
Player clears a stage when he clears the last sub-stage (Boss sub-stage) in the stage.
There are various portal unlock conditions to go to the next sub-stage; Level Limit, Beat Champion enemy, Survive, Collect items.