Puppetmaster: The Shadow Government Simulator

Entrant 2020

Chupacabra Game Studios


Puppetmaster is a shadow government simulator -- a game where you are the Illuminati. In this experimental strategy/simulation game players use their influence to enter regions and bribe/seduce/intimidate their way to world domination.

In its essence the game is about discovering and restructuring networks. Players enter a country and slowly explore the network of power brokers, i.e. the celebrities, generals, politicians, etc... who control power. As they do so, they'll encounter weak spots in the network, brokers who are uniquely vulnerable to being converted. While players capture these units, they'll be able to connect the brokers amongst themselves, allowing the network to support each other and increase their power.

However, the more the network grows, the more the organization will be exposed. If the exposure level reaches 100% before the player captures the country's leader, they will lose the game. Only by being quick, stealthy and smart can players take over a network, capture the leaders and leverage that into capturing new regions.