Rainbow Laser Disco Dungeon

Entrant 2022

Vector Hat


Rainbow Laser Disco Dungeon is part twin stick-shooter, part rhythm game, part dungeon crawler. Every action, every laser blast and robot explosion, happens according to the rhythm of the music. Each weapon you pick up automatically fires to its own rhythm and is synchronized to the game's music. As you dual wield your way through the dungeon you'll be mixing a unique musical experience. Each 101 room dungeon is randomly generated from an ever-expanding pool of hand-crafted challenging rooms.

Rainbow Laser Disco Dungeon has all of the features you need, like Easy Mode for players who only want a moderate challenge, Reduced Flashing and Image Fine Tuning for photosensitive players, Extra-Easy Mode for players who don't want to be challenged. It's also got some slick features that you don't really need... like the ability to add your own tracks to the soundtrack and a vintage text to speech engine based on a whitepaper from the first disco era! The game also features a super groovy soundtrack from various talented artists.

Pick up your weapons and get ready to dance!