Sea Sprites

Student Entrant 2020

NYU Game Center
Wunderwaffe Studio / Founded by Sparky Li


Sea Sprites is an ambitious shooter game that aims to challenge those conventional patterns in the current shooter game genre.
In traditional shooter games, we act as some human figures, stay inside a battleground full of some light-speed transmission medium, watch continuous video streams and reactively attempt perfect headshots with handheld weapons, enjoying ultimately accurate VOIP communication systems and Identification-friend-or-foe systems which hardly existed in reality.
In Sea Sprites, we will play as a very unique type of war machine: submarine, to fight in some slow transmission medium, supplied with only frames of reports generated by either your sonar scan or another's activity whose detail might be ambiguous. Instead of reacting against others within a few milliseconds and spraying bullets everywhere, making correct assumptions about enemy activity and send out explosive torpedoes with smart guidance helps you better while fighting such information warfare.