Student Entrant 2021

Nanjing Foreign Language School
Pincun Liu


Sketchball is a leisure puzzle game where you draw out solid objects to lead the balls home. It has over 300 distinct levels, including a new open-world exploration mode.

Everything you write or draw will become solid objects.

Every level has infinite solutions.

Every player will have a unique experience.

Can you draw your way out?


- Innovative gameplay

It is so magical to see those balls fall onto pictures and words drawn by yourself. You are the creator of this world. This is an experience you will never forget.

- Stunning level design

From introductory levels to advanced ones, from simple levels to artistic ones, you have the chance to clear them all! There are over 300 unique levels waiting for your challenge.

- Open-world exploration

Like nothing you have seen before! This is a brand-new perspective of open-world exploration, with 6 different worlds and nearly 50 levels.

- Hidden stories

As you progress through the game, some hidden stories may appear. Maybe there is a colorful world behind those red balls and black rectangles.