SPACE TOW TRUCK - A real physics puzzle game

Entrant 2021

Eric Laflamme


SPACE TOW TRUCK is a 100% pure physics puzzle game with a beautiful scifi narrative full of humor. You play as an astronaut that has to, after a painful car crash landing on the Moon, use the laws of mechanics and the innovative patented technologies of SPACE TOW TRUCK to get out of trouble. Besides, who is behind the awkward and mysterious SPACE TOW TRUCK customer service? And why is this "person" so motivated to help you?

While being fun and immersive, the game allows the players to
- learn about physics, making them feel and understand the laws of mechanics (kinematics) by solving puzzles.
- develop a scientific culture by learning more about the history of science and its evolution, the last world of the game being dedicated to women in science.
- learn more about the Moon, its craters, its seas, and the space landers that dot its surface.
- address the Fermi paradox (or, in other words, are we alone in the Universe?) using its immersive storytelling.