A Spire To The Gods

Entrant 2014

Be-Rad Entertainment


A tile-based dungeon crawler with Minesweeper elements.
(Think Diablo meets Minesweeper)

Set in a fantasy world with a dab of H.P. Lovecraft mythology.
Click on tiles to reveal treasure or trouble, all while trying to reach your goal with a limited number of moves.

Coming to Android, iOS, PC & Mac in early 2014.
Follow @BeRad_Ent for updates.

Brought to you by the same guy who made Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack!, WarGames: WOPR, and Lame Castle, which may or may not have been based on a fake game featured in a PSP commercial.
Art by Oryx (www.oryxdesignlab.com). Additional art by Dante Wonman.