Super Shooter

Entrant 2021



Super Shooter is an all-new FPS game where players use an experimental tool to activate unique stage elements, solve puzzles, and propel themselves through the air ("rocket jumping"). In other words, it's a game where you solve all your problems by shooting at them!

Launch yourself, activate electrical panels, deactivate security systems, interact with dynamic elements to solve fun puzzles - and again - all with shooting!

During her first day of work at Space Station SP4-C3 in a non-specific future, the rookie employee, "Employee 004", is sent to fix a supposedly small problem with one of the main support systems. There she meets a disembodied voice, known as "N. Gineer", who gives her instructions.

The day quickly goes south when a critically important component of the station explodes, putting in danger the entire world, but mainly her new job.

Now the responsibility is in Employee 004 and N. Gineer's hands to reach the station command center, resolve the issue, and save the world.

For this task, Employee 004 must use the "Power Arm", a new and experimental tool with the ability to interact with all the station's systems, and, most importantly, launch the user through the air, rocket jumping style (with the minor caveat that Employee 004 must first unlock a few additional upgrades for her power arm).

Can Employee 004 reach the center of the station in time, saving the world and new job?
Probably! After all, the power arm is super useful and powerful - hence the name "Power arm"!