Student Entrant 2022

Rubika Supinfogame
The Islet


Clashing Blades & Thrilling Chases. Welcome to the Ritual.

Enter online competitive 3v3 Capture the Flag game sessions.
Use the parkour-like controller to evade or chase your enemies, by Wallclimbing, Dodging or Exploiting the Map's various perks at your advantage.
Adapt your character to your playstyle by picking yourself your Passive Ability & active Power, creating interesting synergies to capture the flag stealthily, get the upper hand in duels or protect your teammates from imminent death.

You'll need either perfect control over your character or a good Teamwork to win. And there's a reason for that :

If you're hit, you're instantly eliminated.

SWIFT delivers an intense, fast-paced competitive experience, with a huge focus on game sensations.
Play in 3v3, 1v1 & 4v4 game modes, rank up in the Leaderboard and become one of the Seven Divines, the best SWIFT players in the World.

Can you become one of the Ritual's shining stars ?