Entrant 2018



TACTICOOL - new hardcore 5v5 isometric multiplayer shooter, that combines short but fast-paced matches, different play modes, lots of guns, vehicles, and explosions. Build up your own way of getting rid of the enemies by running them over with a car, playing with physics or simply shooting them. And you have only one minute!

RUN, DRIVE, HIDE: engage in on-foot combat as well as drive different vehicles alone or give your teammates a lift, run over your opponents, lay an ambush for unaware enemies and use all the advantages of the environment.

REALISTIC PHYSICS: destructible as well as deadly cars, dangerous fences, tubes, and barrels. Destroy your enemies, allies, surroundings and pretty much everything, including yourself!

NEW CONTROLS SYSTEM: playing Tacticool is really easy. Your character runs forward and shoots automatically, so you only need to turn him in the right direction. Our controls system is easy: you hold the left side of the screen and turn left and vice versa. The same thing goes for the car driving. In addition, the controls system can be changed to a joystick.

TWO DIFFERENT GAME MODES: "Deathmatch" and "Bomb placement". Be the first to snatch the money bag or plant/disarm the bomb! Or simply become the last one standing!

Choose the gun to your liking and plunge into the heat of the battle in TACTICOOL!